Thanks again for your great work. I just returned from a conference in Tassie and was regaling my colleagues with my recent transformation, hence the referral.
I see myself in between groups 1 and 2. I have absolutely no urge to smoke and in fact find it disgusting (even avoid the smell when walking down the street).
I used the ‘tennis’ technique for the first week or so but didn’t need it after that because I had already begun to change my lifestyle.
I play tennis twice a week, have a new push bike that I ride twice a week and have started weights. I have even discovered a new food group called ‘fruit’!!!!

P.A – Darwin, NT (Oct 2011)

Thank you for helping me become a non-smoker. A week ago I didn’t think it was possible to live my life without
craving a cigarette. In the past I’ve tried it all – cold turkey, patches, gum and Champix and each time I have not
been able to shake the habit.

After attending your idontsmoke session I no longer have cravings and am living my life in a happier and healthier
way. Thanks again for all your help and support.

D.T – Townsville, QLD (Oct 2011)

I was a pack and a half to two pack a day smoker for nearly 15 years and I’d been smoking for another 10 years before that. I had wanted to quit for years, I’d even tried
and failed to quit with patches and gum a few times. I’d even tried smoking a pipe instead, but it seemed I kept going back to cigartettes literally against my will.

Since the day of my I Don’t Smoke session with Cris 4 months ago, I haven’t had any trouble at all simply sticking to my choice to be a non smoker. In 2 hours I
went from being a hard core, habitual smoker to being a non smoker who is neither bothered nor tempted by the smell of other people smoking. Cris understands
the reasons why I chose to smoke better than I did, and with his help, sticking with my choice to be a non smoker has been easier than I would have belived.
If you know you want to stop smoking but feel like you can’t break the habit, this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

ND, Qld

I had been a smoker for over 25 years when I approached Cris for assistance to quit. I had tried every method available and had some success but nothing had stopped
me smoking for very long. I was a little skeptical about hypnosis but willing to give it a try.

After 2 hours with Cris I walked out of his office and have not touched a cigarette since. I have had no cravings and absolutely no desire
to smoke. I am now free of an addiction that I felt had control over me. Thank you Cris!

VR, Cairns, Queensland

“Before seeing Cris I had been a heavy smoker for close to twenty years. Smoking really was part of my life, it was integral to my daily routine. Over the years I’d tried a few times to give up, going cold turkey, using patches and the like – none of which proved successful. I was cranky, irritable, and would soon cave in as soon as I thought something was particularly stressful, or if I’d had a couple of beers. To me, it seemed the 2 just naturally went together. What was a BBQ and a few beers without a smoke in hand? It just wasn’t normal. It wasn’t until my father was diagnosed with lung cancer that I really wanted to quit. It’s a terrible admission that it takes something so awful to be the catalyst for me finally wanting to become a non-smoker. I had always been a little skeptical about hypnosis fearing that it would “mess with my mind” somehow, that I might come out dancing like a chicken or something like that. But after researching it a little more I learnt the real hypnosis is very different to what we see in stage shows! I spent just under 2 hours with Cris. Apparently I was under hypnosis for around 50 minutes – to me it seemed like ten. I was
probably the most relaxed I’d ever felt in my life and it really was a serene feeling. Since my appointment I’ve had absolutely no problems.
I can have a few beers and almost miraculously I don’t feel like a smoke anymore! I don’t know what he did – but for me Cris’s treatment is amazing! I
wish I’d done it sooner.”

Steve K. QLD 2009

Hi Cris,

I thank you for helping in the process of making me a non-smoker.

After the hypnotism I walked out of there a non smoker. I think it helped that i had really wanted to quit.

The hard part at first was wanting something to do with my hands and the usual things that went coincide with smoking. Like

talking on the phone, DRINKING and when i was bored. But after a while it just becomes as if you didn’t do that in the first place.

The fact I can Skype now and not having to pause or ring people back. The fact that if I am stressed I don’t want to rush off and have a smoke.

That was the problem with the smoking. The addiction has this awful hold on you and that every time you had a problem the cigarette had you.

Now I have all this spare time and energy and freedom and MORE MONEY and now I can have a good conscience that I will be able to go ahead

without guilt I can have a baby that has more healthy chances in life.

AB QLD 2009


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