Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why should I do your treatment program?

A I am a psychologist with 25 years experience, which I bring to this program that I have personally developed. Research suggests that a stop smoking program that incorporates education, hypnosis, ongoing support, and a public declaration component, affords a person the best opportunity to become a non smoker, AGAIN, like you were before you ever started to smoke ( remember you were not born with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth)! We draw on and combine a number of robust psychological paradigms in order to shut down the subconscious drivers associated with smoking. As a smoker you will have a lot of what is called “cognitive dissonance” when thinking of smoking ie. your self talk will be something like: ” I should not be doing this but I can’t stop” or “I know this is killing me but I can’t cope with life without a cigarette”. That “no/yes” conversation is called cognitive dissonance. We aim to have both your conscious (“no”, i don’t want to smoke) and the subconscious (“yes” do it, because you can’t cope with life without smoking) singing from the same “I am a non smoker” song sheet ie “no/no”, when you leave the session.

Q Is it a group session or seminar?

A We offer a “1 on 1” treatment program ( it is NOT a group session) and it takes around 2 hours to do. You come in a “smoker” and we aim to send you out a “non smoker!” It is a treatment session, not an information seminar. Because it is “1 on 1” we are able to tailor the program to meet your specific needs and challenges with smoking. .

Q What do you do in the treatment?

A The first thing we do is to educate you in relation to the elements that started and continue to drive your smoking habit. We see smoking as a psychological addiction, not a physiological addiction, and a subconscious habit. The good thing about habits is that they are learned and can therefore be UN-learned. You had to LEARN to smoke. It most definitely did NOT come naturally!! Remember the first taste of cigarette smoke and worse, your first drawback?? Any treatment that fails to address the fundamental causal factors of smoking is not going to be successful in the long term. We believe we do that education very well.

We then move into a hypnosis session that addresses those causal factors and breaks the associations therewith. (Please go to to see FAQ regarding hypnosis).

We offer on going complementary phone and email support and we use a “public declaration” principle that keeps you “honest” with yourself and in line with the subconscious commitment you make within the hypnosis component.

We also provide you with a handbook that has a lot of information in it including 35 techniques to use at a conscious level to combat the so called “cravings” in case you decide to have them after the session and we actually teach 4-6 of those in the session.

You get a “To Do” list that serves as a reminder to complete some very important tasks, post session, in order to consolidate your successful transition back to a non smoker!
And all this is done drug free!

Q Do you offer a guarantee?

A The guarantee we offer is that you will get a professional, skilled and personally targeted delivery of our program. The techniques we use are of an extremely high professional standard.

We do not offer a so called “life time – a keep on coming back until you stop smoking” guarantee or a “money back” guarantee, as we believe that such offers actually undermine your success.
If you know you can keep on going back and back and back, until you stop or you can just get a refund, where is the incentive to stop?

Q How much does this cost?

A The question I would like to ask you is “How much are you willing to pay to have me save your life”? Because that is what I am endeavoring to do here.
The Investment You Will Make is far less that what you are currently wasting on cigarettes. In order to make the program even more accessible we offer a range of payment plans to suit to your budget. If you think about it the issue is not what it costs now, but what it will cost you health and moneywise in the future, if you continue to smoke?

Q I am a pensioner. Can I afford the treatment?

A We cater for pensioners and low-income earners by offering a lower deposit and a smaller repayment plan per week. We seek to make our program as available as possible.


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Crispian Jones
M.D.(BTh, Dip Min (Hons), Grad Dip Soc Sc-Psych, Grad Dip Counsell Psych, CHt, NGH MAPS)

I DON'T SMOKE cannot guarantee absolutely that this program will, in every case, result in a person stopping smoking. There are simply too many variables in a person's life to ethically offer such a guarantee and you always retain free will/choice. However we believe that we offer one of the best alternatives in the market place and if you are genuine in your desire to become a non smoker again, (you were not always a smoker!), we believe this program affords you an excellent opportunity to do just that. We are unable to take responsibility should you make a choice to smoke again, no matter the circumstances. We do not offer refunds as we think it undermines your chances of success. The program will be delivered to you at a very high standard. Any failure on your part to stop smoking will be seen as a consequence of you making that decision. We are available for follow up phone/email support at your initiative or where feasible, a complementary face to face session can be made available, for those close to Cairns. We encourage you to make contact with us if you are tempted to smoke and to utilise the array of techniques we provide you with including your contracted support people. The post treatment strategies are robust and if utilised fully will aid in getting through the so called withdrawals or other so called stressful situations that may "cause" you to light up again. No matter the stressor resorting to smoking again will not in any practical way help resolve it. Our program is offered on an individual basis and takes on average a little over 2 hours. It is not a group treatment program.

**N.B. For Interstate/remote from Cairns locations: Treatment sessions will be conducted only when capacity is reached.