And with our system, there are:

  • NO horrible side effects.
  • NO pills or supplements to take for weeks.
  • NO nausea.
  • NO headaches.
  • NO patches.
  • NO needles.
  • NO additional costs.
  • NO requirement for any major lifestyle changes

Just Fantastic Health!

Have you ever wondered why you continue to smoke, even though you “know” that “every cigarette is doing you harm” and according to the Anti-Cancer Council you can choose to
have “lung cancer” with this packet of cigarettes today or “emphysema” with the next packet of cigarettes tomorrow, or lose a leg to gangrene the packet after that?

Since 25% of the population still smoke, it appears that scare campaigns simply do not work…

But ironically it is often a fear that actually keeps you smoking!! How does that work you might ask? Well, ask yourself the following questions. Do you:-

  1. Fear the Cravings. It will be too hard and painful to stop?
  2. Fear not being able to handle life’s stressors.
  3. Fear that if you stop smoking you will put on weight? (a common fear, especially for women)
  4. Fear that if you TRY to stop you will fail and wind up feeling worse about yourself for being a failure… like you have maybe done before?
  5. Fear having to give up your “friend”, you will no longer be able enjoy yourself socially, or even, life in general?
  6. Fear losing the camaraderie of your “smoking buddies” and not being able to take those treasured smoking breaks at work?
  7. Fear success – what will I do instead?
  8. Fear that nothing will work – yes, that’s number 8!!!.

Simply Put, It Is Most Often “FEAR” That Keeps People Smoking!

Have You Ever Heard Anyone Over Age 30, Say… “I Want To Die Before I Am 60” ?

Of course not, but the reality is that a high percentage of smokers die before they reach 60. That means if you are 30, you are half way through your life…. Only about 30 years to go!

But do those statistics stop you from smoking? NO. Fear does not stop people from smoking. So let’s looks at this from the other side…

“What Are The Benefits Of Being A Non Smoker, Apart From Living Longer?”

  1. Improved Health: Did you know that:
    • Within 20-30 minutes: your heart rate reduces and your body begins to repair itself… (smoking elevates your heart rate and blood pressure. People associate being
      relaxed with smoking, but in fact Nicotine is a it is stimulant (and a herbicide) and actually elevates your physiology, making your body work harder).
    • Within 12 hours: Your blood oxygen level will have increased to normal and carbon monoxide levels will have dropped to normal.
    • Within 48 hours: Damaged nerve endings have started to re-grow and your sense of smell and taste are beginning to return to normal. Imagine being able to really taste and smell the wonderful aroma of food again.
    • In 72 hours: or so your entire body will test 100% nicotine-free and over 90% of all nicotine metabolites will now have passed from your body via your urine. You can also expect the symptoms of chemical withdrawal to have peaked in intensity. Your bronchial tubes are beginning to relax thus making it easier to breathe. Your lung capacity has also started to increase. Stairs are becoming easier to climb. Exercise becomes easier and enjoyable.
      In 10 – 14 days: your body has physically adjusted to again functioning without nicotine and without the more than 3,500 chemical particles and 500 gases present in each and every puff.
    • In 2 weeks to 3 months: your heart attack risk has started to drop. Your lung function is beginning to improve. Your circulation has substantially improved. Walking (exercise)
      has become much, much easier. Your chronic “smokers” cough, if any, has likely disappeared. You no longer have the need to have to “cough your lungs out” when you first get out of bed. Breathing becomes a joy.
    • In 3 – 9 months: Any smoking related sinus congestion, fatigue or shortness of breath has decreased. Cilia have re-grown in your lungs thereby
      increasing their ability to handle mucus, keep your lungs clean, and reduce infections. Your body’s overall energy has increased.
    • In just an amazingly short 12 months: Your excess risk of coronary heart disease has dropped to less than half that of a smoker.
    • In 10 – 15 years: Your risk of death from lung cancer has declined by almost half if you were an average smoker (one pack per day).
      Your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus has now decreased. Your risk of stroke is about the same as a person who has never been a smoker.
  2. You Save Money: Your hip pocket will be very grateful… it is not uncommon for people to spend in excess of $4,000 a year on “their skinny white friend” . If you smoke just one packet of 20 a day, you are up for at least $3,900 per year! (see table-costs accurate as December 2008).
    IF YOU SMOKEI pack of 20 per day2 packs of 20 per day3 packs of 20 per day
    It costs you per day $14.50 $28.00 $42.00
    It costs you per week $98.50 $196.00 $294.00
    It costs you per month $434.00 $868.00 $1302.00
    It costs you per year $5110.00 $10,220.00 $15,330.00
    It costs you in 5 years $25,550.00 $51,100.00 $76,650.00
    It costs you in 10 Years $51,100.00 $102,200.00 $153,300.00
    It costs you in 30 years $153,300.00 $306,600.00 $490,900.00

    What Will You Do With The Savings??

  3. You will no longer smell like the proverbial ashtray! And this will make you nicer to kiss and cuddle!
  4. You will have more energy to indulge in the things you love to do.
  5. Your sex life will improve … increased sperm count for men and easier to get pregnant if you are a woman.
  6. YOU will be in control of your life, NOT the cigarettes.
  7. You won’t have to feel like a social leper…having to “go outside” to indulge your habit.
  8. As a parent you can be a role model for your children and reduce the risk of them becoming smokers.

We Help You Become A Non Smoker,

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I DON'T SMOKE cannot guarantee absolutely that this program will, in every case, result in a person stopping smoking. There are simply too many variables in a person's life to ethically offer such a guarantee and you always retain free will/choice. However we believe that we offer one of the best alternatives in the market place and if you are genuine in your desire to become a non smoker again, (you were not always a smoker!), we believe this program affords you an excellent opportunity to do just that. We are unable to take responsibility should you make a choice to smoke again, no matter the circumstances. We do not offer refunds as we think it undermines your chances of success. The program will be delivered to you at a very high standard. Any failure on your part to stop smoking will be seen as a consequence of you making that decision. We are available for follow up phone/email support at your initiative or where feasible, a complementary face to face session can be made available, for those close to Cairns. We encourage you to make contact with us if you are tempted to smoke and to utilise the array of techniques we provide you with including your contracted support people. The post treatment strategies are robust and if utilised fully will aid in getting through the so called withdrawals or other so called stressful situations that may "cause" you to light up again. No matter the stressor resorting to smoking again will not in any practical way help resolve it. Our program is offered on an individual basis and takes on average a little over 2 hours. It is not a group treatment program.

**N.B. For Interstate/remote from Cairns locations: Treatment sessions will be conducted only when capacity is reached.